The Group QC Department


  • QC/Technical Support
    Our in-house QC team is composed of qualified engineers and technicians. We provide them with regular training programs to ensure quality consistency.
  • QC Staff
    5 to 9
  • Standards & Approvals
    ISO 9001
  • Procedures/testing Details
    The process of quality control procedures is directly guided by the management's performance standard of Zero Defect. All products undergo strict QC inspections and tests to ensure defect-free items are delivered to each customers.
  • Other Information
    Equipment used in QC including:
    Plug bending tester
    Universal testing equipment
    Hi-pot precision cable tester
    Temperature and humidity chamber
    Aging oven tester
    Withstanding voltage tester
    Milliohm meter
    AC hi-pot discontinuity cable tester

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